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Pipe Fitter

4.99 usd

Pipe Fitter App - Calculate Offsets, Rolling Offsets, Advanced Rolling Offsets, Offset with 90/45 Fittings, Flange 2-Hole Fitup, Custom Fittings and more.Generates in seconds:Complete app design with "New" portrait layoutPipe Offset - 8 options in 1Rolling Offset - 9 options in 1Reducing Tee Offset - 8 Options in 1Back 2 Back Odd Angle Fitting Calculation90 to Odd Angle Fitting CalculationTech Data for:All Fitting Sizes Imperial, Metric, DIN2-Hole Flange AlignmentBack 2 Back Fitting Data
Other features:- Input Feet/Inches/Fraction- Input Centimeters/Millimeters- Convert Imperial to Metric- Convert Metric to Imperial- Input Root Gap- Calculate "long radius", "short radius" and "3 Radius" fittings- Determines Cut Length of Pipe to build spool piece- Generates Values to cut any angle fitting out of a 90- Generates Pipe Length and True Cut Length of Pipe- Generates values to roll Flange in the Bench for proper two-hole fit-up in the field.- Rolling Offsets Using 45 fittings- Rolling Offset with Any Angle- Rolling Offset Exiting Pipe Vertical- Rolling Offset Exiting Pipe Left horizontal
Your feedback is always welcome on this app, as we are always improving its functionality. if for any reason your device has an issue on install or functionality please let us know. We will fix it. We want everyone to be able to utilize this tool at work to improve their productivity and value as a pipefitter/Fabricator.